Who is Ty Tribble?

Ty Tribble has never done anything big in his life. Although he has been involved with multiple multilevel marketing companies, he has never really achieved any major recognitions such as making millions of dollars from those companies. After researching on the internet about him, I found out that he’s the wrong person to seek advice from regarding business start-ups. He claimed that he’s a millionaire. After researching, I found out he’s full of it. The guy is unstable, which clearly discussed in The Truth About Amway blog. All he does is sit home and pretend that he’s an internet guru. I regret reading and taking advice from him through his blog. Be aware people. Read this article for your information: “Bo Short, Ty Tribble jump companies again”

Notice the necklace that he's wearing. Ironic, isn't it?!

93 thoughts on “Who is Ty Tribble?

  1. Ty Tribble doesn’t seem to be very honest with himself or with other people. He is not happy with the person he is therefore he has to go make other peoples live miserable. He is a liar and is up to take your money anytime he can


  2. Ty Tribble claims to be a christian and yet he tends to steal from other people. Im sorry to say but Ty Tribble is not a very good leader for was hes always talking about himself and doesnt even show much care to his people.


  3. Ty Tribble scammed me big time guys I am writing this to inform you all do not get involved in anything with Ty that you could end up getting ripped off in the end. I thought he and I would be good friends but apparently not he has lied to me several times. Its up to you guys if you want to be involved with this guy im just telling you my own experience.


  4. I do not know who Ty Tribble is, but Samir Attalah is a mans man. I have known Samir for a year now, and have had the opportunity to become friends with his wife and kids also. Samir is a humble yet focused and on-purpose man of integrity, and is not the person Ty Tribble has blogged him to be. Yes Samir has made mistakes, but who the heck has not? Meet Samir in person and get to know him before you make a judgement about him-and that goes for making a judgement about anyone quite frankly. Don’t just trust a silly blog and believe anything you read.


  5. Hi Samir-I just wanted to write that in the short time I have known you and Theresa, I have not had any issues whatsoever like I have read from Ty Tribble writing about you. I dont know who Ty is, but it is very cowardly to blog about someone on the internet and try to ruin their reputation.


  6. I really do not appreciate Ty Tribble the he does biz.I was going to look at what he does but after finding out his negative way of thinking and butting others down for his own gain,it is not the Godly way to be in biz with people.May someday he will find the bad in me to make himself looks perfect.


  7. Ty Tribble will have no success if he continues to cheat people left and right like he is still doing to this day. People like Ty is what puts a bad name to multi level marketing


  8. Ty is full of a bunch of scam. those who rise above the crowd are always criticized for their success because of a bunch of jealousy people like ty as an example.


  9. You should remove him from your website. People like don’t deserve the space he takes up. What really urks me is Ty clams to be a Christian yet his attacks, lies and trying to pull up 30 year old stuff comes from the Father of lies, the one who is out to kill, steal and destroy. The Bible say to forgive 70 x 70 in a day. I guess he missed that one.


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