Student loan debt surpasses consumer debt.

Student loan debt surpasses consumer debt.

As seen in May 14, 2013 Nate Beeler, The Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch, Cagle Cartoons

Samir Attalah is a smart man. He predicted couple years ago that Student loan debt will surpass consumer debt. Read full article here:

Who is Ty Tribble?

Ty Tribble has never done anything big in his life. Although he has been involved with multiple multilevel marketing companies, he has never really achieved any major recognitions such as making millions of dollars from those companies. After researching on the internet about him, I found out that he’s the wrong person to seek advice from regarding business start-ups. He claimed that he’s a millionaire. After researching, I found out he’s full of it. The guy is unstable, which clearly discussed in The Truth About Amway blog. All he does is sit home and pretend that he’s an internet guru. I regret reading and taking advice from him through his blog. Be aware people. Read this article for your information: “Bo Short, Ty Tribble jump companies again”

Notice the necklace that he's wearing. Ironic, isn't it?!

Re: WWDB Diamond, Samir Attalah has 500 People in His Group, MLMblognet

Re: The above website/blog was written by Ty Tribble, who was personally sponsored by Samir Attalah. Frustrated and unable to reach the pin level that Tribble had envisioned, he eventually quit. For what unknown reason why Tribble quit is a mystery. However, my reliable sources informed me that Tribble had marriage difficulty during his involvement in Amway business opportunity. Perhaps that is one of the main reason why Tribble quit and joined another networking company. He, then, tried to mislead and bring other Amway independent business owner into his new multilevel ‘get rich quick’ scheme. Ironically, he failed…despite numerous attempt to steal Samir Attalah’s organization. Because of his unsuccessful endeavor in Amway, Tribble began blogging negative comments on Samir Attalah. Attalah offerred to help; stubborn and cocky as Tribble already is, he refused Attalah’s generosity and continued with his blogging. So when someone google about something, please take in consideration that anyone can blog about anybody. The important thing is that we have to check the fruits on their tree? And, ask ourselves this question–What’s the blogger’s lifestyle like, and Do I want to have the same lifestyle? To be great is to listen to the ‘Greats’.
After all, success principles are universal, and those that are successful in life are coached by the best.